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Chitchat in the heart of Aarhus

We are two friends, with worldwide travelling experience, and with an ambition to build a hostel where travellers like you can enjoy a friendly oasis in an urban setting. Our hostel is made in close collaboration with students of Aarhus as a social alternative to the many budget hotels.

Our hostel is located in the old telephone central of Aarhus. Back in the day, our building was the focal point for chitchat, with ladies operating magic buttons, plugging people in and out, allowing for important stories to be shared. There’s still many stories left to be told, and we invite you back to the old telephone central to share yours.

Our hostel is rooted in the local environment of Aarhus and gives our guests an authentic experience. The setting and atmosphere of the hostel appeals to both travellers and locals, and seeks to enable meaningful meetings to happen between the two.

We have a sustainable profile, and our furniture is reuse from a famous luxury hotel in Copenhagen, and we use recycled materials such as pallets and plywood. We also have an outdoor urban garden, that in time can provide us with homegrown vegetables and herbs.

We are looking forward welcoming you as our guest!

We are looking forward serving you as our guest!

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